You want to know more about me? Weird.

Or maybe you just want to e-mail me, which is easy. Otherwise, here's some stuff:

While my obsession with modern-day design software began in good old ClarisWorks in the mid-1990s, it was years later when I'd be introduced to Photoshop and Illustrator, which - if you used ClarisWorks back in the day - gave me just a bit more creative freedom. I started back then on Photoshop 5.5, which seems like a lifetime ago. Ever since, I've made it a point in my career to learn all that I could about these tools and others, both to aid in my own work as well as others on my team.

I've taken a few roads in the design industry, from basic prepress work (coupled with being a teacher's assistant for an adult/alternative design course) to web design for several clients, with the most notable being the creative director at a popular niche gaming website.

A good deal of my time since 2004 has been spent in the retail interior decor business, an industry I didn't even know existed prior. During this time, I've been a concept artist, website designer, product specifications engineer, photographer, and - why not? - copy proofreader.

This place is a showcase for the various types of work I've done over the years, and a creative outlet for whatever else I may toss online.