Crystal – iPad Music App Concept


Several iPad music apps exist on the market, but many – including Apple’s own – don’t take full advantage of the iPad’s screen.

Crystal was born from a desire to create an app that was specifically designed not only to fit the iPad’s screen, but as a showpiece for your music. Something with large interactive elements to make navigation a breeze, and large text that lets you see what’s playing from anywhere in the room. (Full disclosure: It was also designed years before Apple’s own Music app would adopt a similar background visual style!)

Crystal clear information and interaction with your music. That’s Crystal.

Crystal App Detail 1

Now Playing

In Crystal, “Now Playing” is a first-class citizen, and the core of the app. All navigation takes place via popover menus, never taking you away from what’s playing.

Crystal App Detail 2

Usability Front and Center

Crystal is designed to be both easy to read and easy to use.

Crystal App Detail 3

For Everyone

Landscape mode is designed for maximum legibility in the “Now Playing” area,
and maximum usability by offering both left- and right-handed layous.

Crystal App Detail 4


Music App Concept


iOS app concept to make best use of iPad screen real estate


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo