Moon International Website


A complete overhaul of the Moon website. My approach wasn’t a simple reskin, but a fundamental redesign that presented the company in a fresh way, while emphasizing its strengths and history.


The old homepage was a 2000s-era welcome/landing page. The new one offered an expansive overview of what Moon offers, a peek into their history, easy-to-find navigation and contact info, and an overall move to clean, bold colors and imagery to emphasize the talent of the design and fabrication teams.

Moon International Website Detail Home


The old page had most of the company’s information “hidden” within modal windows. The new version moved all of this to on-page information to offer an infinitely easier at-a-glance view of Moon’s abilities.

Moon International Website Detail Capabilities

Decor Catalog

A nearly-all-new catalog features redone renderings on the few existing products that remain, which join dozens of all-new products that I helped design, plus new styles and categories to expand the overall lineup.

Moon International Website Detail Decor Catalog


The completely new portfolio offers case study-like views and overviews of each project, for an easier-to-view look at Moon’s major projects.

Moon International Website Detail Portfolio


Web Design


Moon International


Concept, web design, HTML & CSS coding, hosting setup and management, domain management, product design


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, TextEdit, Transmit