RPGFan Branding & Visuals


I’ve been with RPGFan for over 23 years, starting as a general contributor and web designer before I would eventually go on to become Creative Director (and currently, Editor-in-Chief and Owner, but you’re here to see design work).

This is a tiny sampling of the work I’ve created over the years, focused on current branding and key assets. A major site refresh in 2019 was the perfect time to upend the entire brand, changing the logo and color palette in a major way to what we have today, and introducing the “wedge” icon that would tie the main logo and our podcast brands together, as seen below.

RPGFan Branding Detail - Main Logos

RPGFan Graphic Design

RPGFan Branding Detail - Graphic Design

RPGFan Stationery

RPGFan Branding Detail - Stationery


Just Creative Director Things




Concept, logo design, brand development, visual design, color palette, print file setup


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo